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Zwarts Paul - Paz75
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Geregistreerd 21-07-2003
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Geslacht Man
Geboortedatum 27-07-1975
Relatie very much in love
Kleur ogen Brown
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Studierichting school is for those who either know exactly what they want, or for those who have no fucking clue... mostly the latter, I never finished school pending this realization.
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Paz Aquatic Thursdays #2
Never know what to say in these boxes, although I seem to be filling out many of them. What does it say about our society these days that we feel comfortable to have things known about us online, but we refuse to connect with people that try to contact us via that method. Why is it that people can only feel comfortable with familiarity? If this is the case why are we all here, cuz theres nothing familiar about sending a message to someone you dont know, cant see or hear, and cannot read the body language of the oncoming rejection.....

I'm not looking for that 'special someone' because I already found her a decade ago. Never let go to something you love, even when boredom becomes the stronger suit of senses. Live and love is about basing patterns around what suits you best. What suits you best is a question best left a nice chat in front of someone over a nice drink... not a text profile that people dont bother to read unless they are stalking you.

So is this really the crux of the matter? We like to see ourselves and hear our own voices. Seemingly that we like this so much we dont even listen or hear the replies that come out of the woodwork.

Seriously though, Im a DJ since 1991, playing now, deep/tech-house and trips2hops, acid-jazz, anything funky and sexy basically. Want to hear some of my recent stuff?

April 2003 - Subvocal
geele sneeuw....

Welkom op FOK!
Groepssex is eigenlijk gewoon time-management!
Drugs are only for losers and sex maniacs!
Zachte G korte EI dikke L

Op dinsdag 4 mei 2010 14:00 schreef Yorrit het volgende:
laten we het er maar op houden dat het komt doordat je in de bieb altijd zo drug bezig bent ;)

Hoi Paul, bedankt voor je reactie in mijn fokfotoboek . Ik neem aan dat de site die je bedoelt Seven's Heaven is? Dan gaat de eer naar Metin (mijn liefje), hij heeft alles wat je daar ziet gemaakt.

Hi there sexy,
It's not often Dutch people call the US their favorite vacationspot. Why do you like it? Let me guess, you're a big city gurl and Miami, LA, NYC are your places to party.... no?

Your damn right!

Nice profile!


“A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are for what you have”