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Geboortedatum -
Recently I bought a sex doll on drdollshop and the courier arrived within a few days. I quickly unboxed it and watched it for a long time. A real baby girl with angelic face and long hair is so beautiful. My eyes stopped on her big breasts, hovering from head to toe, and my eyes inevitably hovered on her mound. It guarantees the sexy enjoyment brought by the light pubic hair. Imagine our first night together, it was so hot, but we wanted to make our first episode particularly erotic.
Her name is marry, and she can do more than just a missionary. This love doll is completely mobile, so almost any position is possible. For example, Marry can be taken from behind, she can sit on the penis, the anus can be content, and even its owner is oral sex. You can even stop the meeting. The dream of a man becomes a reality. Most importantly, she is always ready and never refuses. That night, I didn't want to explain in detail what I did to marry. This is what readers need to know: The adventure of "I Love Dolls" gave me an incredible orgasm.
Types of games that work well with silicone sex doll include role playing. This is especially true in terms of clothes. A realistic love doll can do all the work, and there are many things you can do if you don't have any rules and patience when dealing with clothes. This is also shown in some photos of dldollshop products. I firmly believe that love dolls are not only a hot secretary and a TPE doll wearing sexy nurse clothes, but also can cause trauma. Love Doll can do almost all roles
Play. Fantasy role playing has almost no limits. With the exception of some rules for washing clothes and choosing the right size, everything is possible. I do a lot for "high school girls", "Greek goddess" and many other things, it's fun, and it also attracts my baby, I'm always happy.